Tehran Vertical Garden housing prototype

CBdP - 2009 Tehran Housing Prototype Frontal Elev


Tehran Vertical Garden housing prototype is a LEED-platinum-like ecological real estate development project. It further encourages density in the city center. Its spatial organization is based on the “circuliplex” use of main stairs as both element of composition on each facade and continuous space-shaping device from sidewalk to rooftop terraces. Most of the facade surfaces are covered with rolling vegetated panels.  3 types of outdoor inter-related rolling panels exist: translucid, sun-shade grid and vegetated. The “circuliplex” (variant stair placement) spatial organization, favors apartment entrances variation and typologies, users daily exercice, and esthetic variations via rupture of rythms.

Tehran Vertical Garden© Sara Kamalvand and Claude Boullevraye de Passillé, 2009 ; with Circuliplex© Claude Boullevraye de Passillé, 1996

CBdP - 2009 Tehran Housing Prototype Section

Tehran Housing Prototype concept section

CBdP - 2009 Tehran Housing Prototype Plan

Tehran Housing Prototype plan


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